Welcome to Letters Trellis.  Based on the idea of celebrating the art of correspondence, Letters Trellis is a project to encourage the writing of traditional letters.  It recalls an experience in Grignan, France, where there is an annual festival to acknowledge the joy and connection possible through posted correspondence.  Courtyard spaces offer table, chair and stationery for visitors to write a letter. At the end of each day, the envelopes are posted and mailed as a service from the community. Letter Trellis was formed to offer this same experience for visitors to Winchester community events, such as the Farmer’s Market.  With funding from the Winchester Cultural Council (and Mass Cultural Council), Letters Trellis provides materials, space, and ideas to prompt the creation of handwritten messages from one to another.        

Letters Trellis is returning for the 2021 season.  Once again, we will offer materials and encouragement to pen a letter to a loved one or acquaintance.  Please watch for our tent and ‘trellis-sheltered’ writing desk and stop by for some conversation about letters.  You are welcome to use our desk and stationery to create your message.  We’ll stamp and mail any letters you write at the market. 

For this opening session, we will have an assortment of poetry (with themes of nature, imagination, and common experiences) to inspire your writing.  You can also request a custom-made piece of stationery with calligraphy designed for you.   

We would love to hear about your letter writing experience with Letters Trellis:  please fill out the survey and let us know your experience.  https://forms.gle/kNoBqDkJ6eNKxpXM7 .  Thank you!

See you there!